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"Ray is basically the smartest person on our show. The guy’s a scientist. He’s an inventor. He’s basically brilliant, and he has plans that go beyond his designs on Queen Consolidated. He actually has an agenda that will impact all of Starling City."
- Can’t wait!!! (via beijingdoll)

What do you have planned for Ray Palmer — or, perhaps, The Atom?

We’re bringing in Ray as a potential bidder for Queen Consolidated. But I think, in the grand tradition of shows in Season Three bringing in a new character as a game changer, whether it was “Buffy” bringing on Faith, or “Everwood” bringing on Scott Wolf. Brandon and Ray are coming on to really shake up the whole world. Obviously, he’s such a different energy, Brandon, from Stephen Amell. Just even the first scenes, it’s created a whole new dynamic for the show.

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So, I met Brandon Routh in person a few years back and can honestly say he is the nicest guy you will ever meet. He is so well spoken, mature, genuine, and kind hearted. I’m super excited that he got a part on Arrow!

@EmilyBett: This will be us for a while @BrandonJRouth

@EmilyBett: This will be us for a while @BrandonJRouth